2 Plead Not Guilty to Kidnapping in Northridge

Dustin Summers and Daniel Martinez pleaded not guilty in the downtown Los Angeles courtroom to charges of kidnapping a 10-year-old girl from her bedroom in Northridge.

Los Angeles County prosecutors said Summers kidnapped the victim at knife-point after a home-invasion robbery. After he removed her from the home, he is accused of sexually assaulting her at numerous locations across the San Fernando Valley. He later dropped her off on a street in Woodland Hills. She was discovered several hours later with several injuries. Continue reading “2 Plead Not Guilty to Kidnapping in Northridge”

12 Arrested in ATM Card Skimming Scheme in Los Angeles

In the Los Angeles Federal United States District Court, twelve people who are part of an organized criminal group who operate in the southern California area were indicted for their participation an ATM skimming conspiracy. They caused the loss of thousands of dollars for banks and customers. The federal criminal complaint charged them with conspiracy to commit bank fraud. Continue reading “12 Arrested in ATM Card Skimming Scheme in Los Angeles”

Gallup Poll Shows Public Support for Marijuana Legalization Growing

Public opinion appears to be turning in favor of the legalization of marijuana. According to a new Gallup poll, a record number of Americans favor the legalization. The poll concluded that 58 percent support and only 39 percent oppose.

One year ago, the same poll concluded that 48 percent favored marijuana legalization, while 50 percent opposed. Ten years ago, the poll showed that just 31 percent favored legalization of marijuana, while 64 percent opposed it. Continue reading “Gallup Poll Shows Public Support for Marijuana Legalization Growing”

22 Arrested in LAPD Van Nuys Prostitution Sting

Los Angeles Police Department’s vice unit conducted a prostitution sting in Van Nuys which resulted in the arrest of 9 men and 13 women. The arrest took place along a 5 mile section on Sepulveda Boulevard, between Raymer Street and Ventura Boulevard.

According to officers at the scene, during the 4 hour sex crime sting, police made arrest for solicitation of prostitution, lewd conduct , loitering for the purposes of prostitution, and possession of methamphetamine. Continue reading “22 Arrested in LAPD Van Nuys Prostitution Sting”

Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office Targeting Marijuana Dispensaries

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office announced they are not just targeting marijuana dispensaries, but also property owners for their enforcement of Proposition D, which is a measure approved by voters that would limit the number of legal marijuana shops.

They said if they locate property owners who are in violation of Proposition D, they would be facing misdemeanor criminal charges and could receive a penalty of a $1,000 fine or six months in the county jail. Continue reading “Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office Targeting Marijuana Dispensaries”

Police Arrest Sherman Oaks Arson Suspect

The Los Angeles Police Department said an unidentified man is in custody after police had reason to believe he may be responsible for setting a series of suspicious fires on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.

They detained the suspect after officers noticed he matched the description of a man witnesses had seen close to the scene of several fires that had been started along eight blocks of Ventura Blvd during a period of one hour. Since police did not yet have enough evidence to charge him with arson, he was arrested for an outstanding warrant for a parole violation. Continue reading “Police Arrest Sherman Oaks Arson Suspect”

Former Encino Cosmetic Surgeon Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter

In the Van Nuys Superior Court, a former Encino cosmetic surgeon, Ehab Mohamed, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. The criminal charges are related to the death of his patient in 2010. He is accused of giving the patient a toxic cocktail of drugs during a liposuction surgery.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said he will be arraigned in the Van Nuys court in for the death of Sharon Carpenter. He is also facing charges of elder abuse related to another patient. Continue reading “Former Encino Cosmetic Surgeon Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter”

Doctor in West Hollywood Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking Prescription Pills

James Eisenberg, a medical doctor who has an office in West Hollywood has pleaded guilty to federal drug trafficking charges. He was accused of unlawfully writing numerous prescriptions for controlled substances after his physician’s registration was revoked, which suspended his ability to prescribe drugs.

He entered his guilty plea in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. He was charged with distribution of hydrocodone, also known as Vicodin. Continue reading “Doctor in West Hollywood Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking Prescription Pills”

2 Men Arrested for iPhone Robbery in Panorama City

Two men have been arrested for robbery after meeting a man who had posted an ad on Craigslist offering some items for sale. The robbery occurred in the McDonald’s parking lot on Van Nuys Boulevard in Panorama City.

Levon Iskandaryan and Mambreh Khachian were booked and charged with armed robbery and remain in custody on a $125,000 bail. LAPD said they are still seeking a third suspect who was the driver of the car. Continue reading “2 Men Arrested for iPhone Robbery in Panorama City”

Judge Orders Trial in Northridge Murder Case

A San Fernando Superior Court judge has ordered a trial for Ka Pasasouk, who is accused of murder of four people at a Northridge boardinghouse in December 2012. The judge made his decision after he heard the testimony of witnesses during a preliminary hearing. The defendant has been charged with murder after shooting two women and two men in in front an unlicensed boarding house on Devonshire Street. Continue reading “Judge Orders Trial in Northridge Murder Case”