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Client Testimonials

"Michael Goldstein is an outstanding defense attorney. In the midst of a drawn-out divorce, I was facing a serious charge of domestic violence that threatened my freedom, my custody of my son, my ability to earn a living in medicine - essentially my chance of living a normal life.

This charge was false, with witness tampering and perjured documents and testimony. My accuser had actually assaulted me. From day one, Michael wrote down my story going back years, and the last thing he did before trial was again to review that story. Not only did Michael emphasize important points like inconsitencies over time in the testimony of the city's witness, and my right of physical self defense, but he also made sure the jury heard the entire storyleading up to the event in question, the context in which events took place.

He made sure the jury understood that the charge against me was one of multiple false charges amounting a blatant, long-term effort to deny me my rightful custody under the law. At one point, over strenuous prosecutor objections, he fought tenaciously over two days, even after initial denial by the judge, and won the right to include testimony that impeached the character of my accuser.

In the end, the jury found me not guilty unanimously, in 37 minutes flat. At least as important as Michael's execution of of the case, was the heart and empathy he demonstrated. Slipped in the front cover of his large binder full of case documents was a picture I had given to him of myself and my son, one a number put together as evidence. He put the picture there because it reminded him of the life he enjoyed with his son, and of all that was at stake in this case. Mr. Goldstein not only save my life and liberty, but also the grand time my son and I now have together. If you wish to talk with me by phone, just ask Michael to connect us."

Eliot W., Los Angeles, April 2014

"I hired Michael A. Goldstein to represent me following my arrest for marijuana cultivation, theft of power from DWP and possession of a loaded firearm & silencer. I was also charged with possession of seven venomous snakes in my home and a fully automatic glock pistol. During the search, LAPD officers recovered a substantial and sophisticated grow in a dedicated 2000 square foot basement. I was referred to Michael by several friends who had also been represented by him in the past. Michael took over my case after my current attorney took my money and did nothing. At that time, the DA was demanding a sentence of 3 years in State Prison. Michael negotiated a probationary deal that included no jail, community service and a fine.

Seventeen days after being placed on probation, I was again arrested for marijuana cultivation! In this case, Narcotic officers recovered 1380 plants. We were also charged with theft of power. Given the fact that I was on probation and there were so many plants, the District Attorney was demanding state prison. After filing several motions concerning the legality of the search, Michael negotiated a plea deal for probation and time served. Michael is currently trying to get my probation terminated early.

I highly recommend Michael to anyone who has been arrested or is under investigation. Unlike other lawyers I have dealt with, Michael always treats you with respect, returns your calls and gets unbelievable results."

Ken D. Los Angeles, February 2010

"I retained Michael Goldstein to represent me in a fraudulent charge of Domestic Violence case by a Colombian woman trying to obtain her green card by claiming she was a victim of Domestic Violence after I asked her for a divorce. My previous attorney did not get anything accomplished took my money and wanted me to hand off my case to a public defender. Michael immediately sent out his investigator to interview witnesses and ultimately convinced the Van Nuys City Attorney to dismiss the case and all charges just before trial.

I work in the motion picture business and a conviction would have had a devastating effect on my ability to travel for work. I would like to thank Michael and his staff for their hard work and understanding the importance of this to my life and career. Please be careful and investigate who you marry. There is ring of these women trying to obtain green cards, I was a victim. Michael and his staff have handled many of similar cases, from what I gathered in my research after seeking and interviewing other attorney’s to take over my case. Thank You Again! For bringing my life at peace. He also has a Great, Honest, Sincere Investigator"


"Michael not only represents you as an attorney, he takes an interest in you personally. He invests in your life so that you become a productive and balanced citizen. I would not have the confidence along with my bright outlook for the future had not Michael entered and changed my life. I am grateful that he is my attorney, and now, my friend."

Walter M. Los Angeles, CA.

"I was a victim of online Nigeran Scams. I was charged with several felonies relating to my participation in one of these frauds. I was stuck in the court system for 2 years while the DA was trying to build a case. Michael was diligent in first getting several counts dismissed and finally obtained a dismissal of the whole case"

Harv O., Los Angeles, CA.

"When I first contacted Michael, I was charged with multiple criminal restraining order violations in Ventura County. My ex-girlfriend alleged that I was stalking and harassing her and she obtained a restraining order. At my first court appearance, the DA requested a substantial bail increase based on additional allegations made by same girl. Not only did Michael prevail, he negotiated the dismissal over more than 10 criminal charges resulting in a plea to a simple misdemeanor with no jail time.

This same girl also sought more than $4000.00 in restitution claiming she required therapy to cope with the stress I created in her life. Rather than concede, Michael demanded that the alleged victim testify and he humiliated her by revealing the fact that she had been cheating on her husband all along."

Levi C., Los Angeles, 2009

"When I interviewed attorneys for my case, the consensus was that a felony conviction and revocation of my second amendment rights was probably unavoidable. Michael Goldstein quickly immediately got the felony reduced to a misdemeanor, and after nineteen months of diligent work, despite an intransigent court system, maintained my gun rights and allowed me to continue my occupation.

Michael's skill was obvious and confidence inspiring. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to my friends or family, and his business card has a permanent place in my billfold. Thank You Michael!

Paul S.

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